An entrance into the mad and fantastical world of feminist blogging

I am Procne, a feminist, and this is my blog. Well isn’t that exciting. Of course, everyone knows it’s impossible to be a feminist and to blog about anything other than feminism, so I apologise if every so often I stray from the rules slightly. I have a personal blog for intimate personal details, and no one reads that one either, which makes everything a lot easier.

Let me start again.

I am a cisgender, bisexual, BDSM-oriented twenty-something woman. I am also an arts student at a British university, but everyone knows that my gender and sexual orientation are far more important than the subject which I spend hours every day studying, right? I am also a sex-positive feminist. For people who are confused by any of these terms, here is a helpful guide:

* Cisgender woman: my biological sex matches my gender identity, and I identify as female. I mention this because the fact that I’m not trans* or genderqueer means there are almost certainly some huge gaps or assumptions in what I write. I know this, and I am trying to avoid it, but I will screw up sometimes.
* Bisexual: pansexual is probably a better term for it. I like men. I like women. I like genderqueer people and trans*people and people who don’t fit into any of those categories. Basically, I like people.
* BDSM-oriented: I like BDSM. Not all aspects of it, not even most aspects of it (though I will try most things once), but enough to happily take on the label ‘kinky’, and to enjoy it.
* Arts student: I spend hours of my life reading literature in a variety of languages, panicking, reading commentary on said literature, panicking, sleeping, drinking alcohol, panicking, writing essays at 4 in the morning, reading some more, feeling briefly awesome, then panicking again. Oh, and I love it.
* Sex-positive: I think sex is awesome. No, really awesome. Even more awesome than that. If I had the time, and enough willing partners, I would probably have sex three times a day at least, in a variety of exciting positions. Seriously. I think that owning and accepting and embracing your sexuality is one of the best things anyone can do. And I don’t have a problem with talking about that.
* Feminist: I believe that men and women are equal. In fact, I believe that most people are equal. Hardly a radical suggestion, I know, but one I think think sometimes needs stating.

In this blog, I plan to discuss my sex life, a lot. Also my experiences as a queer woman in a world that still sometimes has a couple of problems with this, but it’s the sex part that will probably come across. Intimate details and TMI? Probably. All names will be changed, of course, but other than that I will try to be as honest as possible, because too few people are honest about sex. And sex is so much better when you’re able to say what you like and what works and what doesn’t, and to laugh about that time your partner accidentally gave you an STI from oral sex the same time that he made you come for the first time. (True story, and very amusing one.) So, no real names, but very real experiences.

And who is this Procne chick anyway? The original Procne was a mythological badass. Look her up, seriously. Her husband kidnapped her sister Philomela, raped her, and cut out her tongue so she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone. But Philomela wove a tapestry telling her story, and when Procne discovered it she killed her own son, cooked him up, and served him up for her husband (the kid’s father) to eat, as a punishment. Then all three of them turned into birds, and Procne was a swallow. So there you go. Yeah, it’s a crazy fucked up story. But Classics is full of fucked up stories (there’s a great one about a girl getting turned into a guy so she can marry this other girl she’s in love with), and I like to lead with that. I promise not to harm any children in the writing of this blog. If you’re under sixteen and reading this, you probably shouldn’t be, but as long as you don’t tell you parents I think it’s probably fine.

Any questions? Ask me. The oral sex story will be coming up shortly.


One thought on “An entrance into the mad and fantastical world of feminist blogging

  1. I think it’s good that you talk about sex being awesome. I think that in our society women don’t necessarily talk about how sex is good for them (or that they talk about having – and wanting to have it- it a lot). So thank you, I’m excited to see what you have to say!

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