Amateur dramatics is time-consuming

I am directing a play in less than two weeks. A play which I adapted myself from a classical tragedy, modernised, updated, and turned into a comedy. I am also funding it myself (well, half-and-half with my co-director), which means that if people don’t come, we lose money. Lots of money. Amateur theatre is expensive! For this reason, I’ve found it really hard to find time recently to get my  head down and write about serious feminist/sex issues. It’s not like I lack inspiration (my latest achievement in direct, consent-centred seduction, for example, or an illustrative instance of when ‘no means no’ just doesn’t get through). It’s just I really don’t have the time to do these issues justice right now, and I won’t, until the play goes up and I can stop worrying about budgets and blocking and rehearsal schedules.

But I still feel bad about not posting. So I am inviting my readers, whoever you are, to share any personal stories they might have on negotiating consent, or talking about kinks and fetishes, or getting frustrated at impossible standards placed on women when it comes to sex or beauty, or anything really. I talk a hell of a lot, and it’s good for me to shut up and listen sometimes. So if you have something to say, anything at all (even if you disagree with everything I’ve ever said), please share it.

See you all in two weeks when the play is over, when I will have chosen something suitably kinky and exciting to talk about. I may even have had sex somewhere else in the theatre other than the scene dock by then. Who knows.


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