Things I’m reading

Finals begin on Friday. Am I scared? I am fucking terrified. My wall is so covered in post-it notes I can no longer see the actual wall, and I am dreaming about Virgil. Fun times for all.

So while I do in fact have several posts I am in the process of writing (both feminist-y and sex-positive-y, not that those two don’t got together the vast majority of the time), I’m not in a good position to write them at the moment. So instead I would like to link to a recent post by Clarisse on casual sex. ((Warning: There’s a picture from post-secret at the bottom that could really be quite triggering.)) She says some interesting things, especially if I’m looking back to the post I wrote about one-night-stands (except of course she says it better, because she’s fucking amazing). And I’m advertising this as someone who really does like casual sex, at least some of the time (though maybe not just before my exams).

Anyway, while I don’t necessarily agree with all of it for me personally, I very much enjoyed reading it. And I will be back in a week or so, full of interesting things to say about classics and feminism.

And kittens. Them too.