Kitteh break

It has been pointed out to me by several people now that this blog is significantly lacking in kittens. The tagline offers ‘Feminism, Sex Positivity, Classics and Kittens’, and there is certainly a lot of feminism and sex positive musings around, and even occasional references to the classical world. But no kittens. If you know me in real life, you will realise how strange and unusual this is, given that kittens are, like, my favourite thing ever, and I talk about them all the time and spend ages looking at cute pictures of cats doing weird things and even occasionally make mrowing noises when I want a cuddle. But I’ve been trying really hard to think of a way to link them to feminism, and sadly failing. Kittehs are, in most cases, just kittehs.

Anyway, my very close friend Delia (who comments here as Corinna’s Friend – I’ll let her make the classical link, yes I really am that pretentious) saw an impossibly adorable story about a cat on Jezebel, and demanded that I post about it. And given that Jezebel is sort of a fluffy-feminist site (we can argue about that later, if you object to that description), I had absolutely no excuse. Also, the video is, while not the cutest thing I have ever seen on the internet, quite probably the cutest thing I have ever seen human do. And that definitely makes it worth sharing. If you need cheering up, which I definitely have recently, this will do it for you. Behold!

((The Jezebel story is here.))

My closing thoughts on this are that I would almost certainly marry this guy. Anyone who shows so much love and attention towards a pet has exactly the right kind of qualities I’d want in a relationship. Also, I would love for someone to build me a castle of cardboard boxes to play with. Who wouldn’t?


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