Winter presents

There has been an absence of cute kittens on this blog. Christmas is over, Chanukah was over a few weeks ago, and England is cold and grey and miserable at the moment. I have decided to solve these two issues at once, with my new favourite website,

It does what it says in the title, really. Cute guys cuddling even cuter kittens. I would go out with any one of these men (as long as they let me play with their kittens, that is – no, that’s not a euphemism).

This is my personal favourite:

See you all after New Year!


3 thoughts on “Winter presents

  1. I love this! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing – put a smile on my face! Hope you are having a good holiday. Much love xxx

    • Oh and also – I love the new picture across the top of the blog, it’s so beautiful. I presume it’s a classical scene? Who painted it and who are all those lovely ladies? xxx

      • I hoped people would like it! It’s Waterhouse (one of my favourite artists), a painting called ‘Hylas and the Nymphs’. Lots of dangerous seductive women seducing one poor innocent young man. It seemed oddly fitting. 😉 xxx

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