Blogs I love

Shakesville: My favourite feminist blog, by far. You know how sometimes stuff bothers you and you can’t quite work out why and people ask why you’re getting all upset and you can’t find the words and it all just disintegrates into flail? No? Just me then. But basically, whenever that happens to me, I check out Shakesville, and there’s usually a post about that exact issue, detailing all the problems, the causes, the solutions, and how to discuss it in a debate context. It has made me a better feminist, and a better person.

Feministe: A close second. Like Shakesville, but different contributors, so slightly different issues. By reading both, you get a pretty amazing coverage of current feminist issues.

Savage Love: Not so much a blog (though there is a blog attached to it), but an advice column, written by Dan Savage. Savage is a gay, polyamorous, kinky, sex-positive agony aunt, and he is brilliant at it. Want to know how to navigate threesomes, deal with a partner who doesn’t want sex as much as you do, learn to use a cockring and destroy anti-gay politicians? Read Savage.

Sex is not the enemy (NSFW): Sex positivity, on a tumblr blog. With pictures. Yeah.

The Ferrett: A random blog about politics, human nature, writing and video games. There’s some pretty cool stuff up there. Being British, it’s sometimes useful to have someone blogging about American politics in terms that make sense to someone who doesn’t live with it.

Scarleteen: So much helpful sex advice for teenagers! This site really helped me through my awkward teenaged years, when getting decent sex advice was so terrifying it was almost impossible

Get Out Of There, Cat: In the tagline of this blog, I promise kittens. Kittens, so far, have been slow to materialise. I apologise for this. Please accept this highly amusing tumblr as compensation. It makes me very, very happy.


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