The Highlights

This was going to be called ‘important posts’, but I figured that was pretty arrogant. After all, how do I know whether anything I’m writing is actually important? At the same time, some of what I write is probably more readable than the rest. So this is a collection of the posts that I think are vaguely interesting, and that have got the most hits. There’s a real mixture of kinky sexy stuff and Real Feminism (TM), so enjoy.

Three reasons why I’m a feminist today – this is the story of how I ended up being a feminist. More specifically, it’s the story of how I was raped and sexually assaulted: what happened, how it happened, and what I learnt from it. It’s also the reason this blog exists at all. Needless to say, trigger warnings apply.

Ongoing battles with rape culture – why I keep talking about this stuff, and why I won’t just shut up and forget about it and move on. The same trigger warnings apply.

The internet is for porn… and fanfic, and erotic art! – some thoughts on masturbation, fantasy, growing up, and the revolutionary discovery that sex is actually meant to feel good!

Masochist courtesans? Count me in! – how I discovered BDSM, and why this stuff is actually pretty important.

Submission and the art of letting go – part 2 of the whole BDSM thing.

Who fancies a menage a trois? – my most popular post ever. Essentially, it’s a guide for how to have a threesome. If you don’t particularly want to have a threesome, you probably won’t find it all that interesting. Curious people, however, seem to have found it pretty useful. Let me know how it goes.

If I’m making you uncomfortable now, you probably can’t handle what I’ve got in mind later – a lament about how it is still not socially acceptable for a woman to be sex-positive and open and without shame when it comes to casual sex.

A lesson in ‘value’ – a further lament about how it’s not socially acceptable for a woman to be sex-positive and… you get the idea.

A guide to the not-just-one-night-stand – essentially what it says in the title. Not nearly as popular as the threesome guide.

Real life is not the internet – thank goodness! – a discussion on the most productive ways I’ve discovered for talking about privilege with non-feminists, in a vague attempt to overcome the stereotype that all feminists are angry and aggressive.

It’s only abuse “if”… – a more details account of what it was about my relationship with Tereus that made it abusive. I probably sound like a stupid and incompetent child, but it was important for me to write about it to get it straight in my head. Trigger warnings for emotional abuse and coercive sex.


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